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  • Good Habits for Successful Wedding


    Staying healthy with smart choices and good habits is important for bride-to be. Here are some good habits to keep your health in good shape before you walk down the aisle.

    1. Eat well
    There will be lots of celebratory eating and food on days prior to the wedding and on the wedding day but it is important not to let nutrition fly out the window during this important time. Make healthy choices, like opting to drink water instead of soda, and exercising portion control.

    2. Take a walk
    Walking is a good exercise to help you clear your mind, relieve stress and burns calories. An average bride can expect to burn around 70 calories per mile, an amount that will at least work off a few cake-tasting bites.

    3. Practice good posture
    Standing up straight is good for health and your wedding. This will not only make you look more attractive and for your walk down the aisle, it will also help prevent injury and promote better back health.

    4. Eat some chocolate
    Dark chocolate is good for blood pressure, getting rid of free radicals, and other benefits.  Chocolate also stimulates production of feel-good serotonin, a hormone that can help with stress and ease your moods.

    5. Avoid late-night planning
    Staying up late to plan your wedding is one of the worst things you can do for pre-wedding health. By depriving yourself of sleep, you’re at risk for problems like weight gain and an impaired ability to heal. Of course, you’ll probably end up crabby in the morning, too.

    6. Avoid caffeine
    Caffeine may give you a quick kick but in the long run it will cost you much of your needed energy and It’s bad for your complexion, too. Get energy from drinking lots of water and eating healthy fruits and vegetables.

    7. Stay active
    Wedding plans will costs you much time and energy, making even bride with a dedication to exercise forgets about fitness every now and then. While it’s perfectly fine to cut back for the sake of your sanity, still try to find at least a little time to be active, whether it’s a walk around the block or a quick lunchtime trip to the gym.

    10. See a doctor
    Be sure to see a doctor promptly to catch any health troubles early on so you won’t end up sick on your wedding day.

    11. Sleep
    A regular sleep schedule will give you the energy you need to run the wedding preparation and other important thins. Whether it’s 6 hours or 10, make sure you’re getting what’s right for you to stay on top of your game.

    12. Visit your gynecologist
    It’s a good idea to get one more run down of your sexual health, including a check for any STDs. This can even include a pre-pregnancy checkup if you plan to have children.

    13. Immunizations
    If you’re going to need immunizations for your honeymoon, get them out of the way as early as possible. This way, any illness or complications resulting from the immunization can be dealt with well before your big day and trip.

    14. Create a stress and fear outlet
    Even the simplest wedding comes with a bit of stress, it is better to find a way to release your troubles, whether it’s kickboxing or just getting everything done. And you may also feel fear and anxiety about the upcoming marriage; find an outlet for your fears, whether it’s through a professional or a trusted confidant

    15. Have fun
    A happy bride is a healthy bride. Remember that despite the weight of your wedding day, it’s still just one day out of your life. Enjoy the ride and look forward to your newlywed life with a positive attitude.

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